A Wonderfully Happy and Kind of Sad Day…

As my son just literally turned 12 (at 2:10PM, the time he was born), I want to shout to the heavens with joy and weep at the same time….my baby is getting older, and our next life stage is the dreaded puberty!

To make matters even more complicated, my son is moderate to severe on the Autism Spectrum, and while I have gotten a lot of great advice from his doctors and others who have been through this, I still know that each child is unique when it comes to this time we all go through, so I take comfort in knowing that I have made it this far, against great odds, and that this is just the next step in my son’s life, and we will cross that bridge when we come to it!

We definitely enjoyed our Monster’s University cake, and all of the presents, including the many wonderful books that we were given, thank you to all of our family for that! It was not too long ago that my son didn’t enjoy books at all….I actually wrote a different blog about that (found here) if you would like the backstory…..

So as I type this, fear not, my friends, my tears are tears of joy, with just a touch of melancholy, because as every mother (and father) since the dawn of time knows, watching our kids grow up is both the greatest and saddest event in our lives….. 🙂


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