Reference Source Review I


Peterson’s Four-Year Colleges, 2015 (Online)

The Peterson’s website¹ is the online database of their annual print version of the college directory of the same name. Registration and use of the website is free, while the print version (ISBN-13: 978-0768938630, $20.89, is around $21 dollars.  It includes listings for 50,000 accredited schools throughout the United States, United States territories and Canada (,2015,main page). Peterson’s prints the catalog and updates the database annually. The print version is the 45th edition, for 2015, with the database being just as new. The online version is quite detailed, with easy to use search features for both the novice and advanced searcher. You can search for specific schools, specific programs, and scholarships offered. The webpages are easy to read, with an box of the most wanted to know information at the top (tuition, student ratio, acceptance rate, etc.), and expanded views on topics like degrees offered, faculty percentages, and room & board costs, just to name a few. There is a menu of all the topics to the left hand side, which will direct you to specific sections about that topic. The print version includes an alphabetical index of majors, with each school that offers that major listed alphabetically. With the website, since the search bars are simple and intuitive, there is no index. With complete sets of basic college data, this resource is useful for students (high school and college), parents, teachers and educators who want to know more about a certain college, and what it will entail to attend there. There are also many articles written by Peterson experts that give advice on numerous subjects related to the college experience. M. Pulliam, University of Kentucky

¹Peterson’s, a Nelnet Company. “College Information-Peterson’s-The Real Guide to Colleges and Universities.” Peterson’s, a Nelnet Company. September 19,2015.


Acronyms, Initialisms & Abbreviations Dictionary, 43rd edition, 2010 (Online)

This dictionary (viewed online) is a comprehensive dictionary containing acronyms, initialisms and abbreviations covering a wide range of topics and industry, including but not limited to aeronautics, education, government, law and many more (title page). The editors of this 4 volume set have previously edited works for the same publisher, Gale-Cengage Learning. Gale is a well-known educational publishing company, that provides many reference materials for K-12 students and those in college and universities worldwide. According to the highlights page, there are “14,000 new terms from many areas” and “subject categories“, for further clarification, as there are some foreign to English terms, and a list of all “major sources and their complete bibliographic data in the List of Selected Sources at the back of the book.“¹ This dictionary is useful for anyone who needs to know what an acronym or initial set might be, at all education levels and degrees. This dictionary will be especially useful to undergraduate students who are learning at an introductory level in their field, as they are not familiar with all model, theory and organizational acronyms, etc., that might come up in their readings. While this set is 5 years old, there have been new editions published until now, 2015, both in print and online. These volumes are updated annually, with sources listed, including the date that they were first accessed, to help locate additional resources, if necessary. M.Pulliam, University of Kentucky

¹Mallegg, Kristin B., and Andrea Henderson, ed. Acronyms, Initialisms & Abbreviations Dictionary. Detroit: Gale, 2010.


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