Melodi Pulliam


I am an over-30 (Almost) Librarian who will one day become a Professor of Librarianship. Aside from my Librarian Hat, I also wear the Hat of Mother to a wonderful and unique son who is on the Autism Spectrum, who’s exuberant joy at all the things around him inspire me to laugh a little each day (that is him and myself in the picture, taken a few years ago). I am (Almost) married to a wonderful man who is my rock, knight in shining armor, etc. (you get the drift), we are procrastinating and have yet made it to the courthouse, so I should be wearing the Wife Hat soon. I also wear the Hat of Cat Lover, and have one beautiful short haired gray tabby named Pepper.

Feel free to contact me by email, and check out the video of me from my Alma Mater, Northern Kentucky University:




NKU video-here.


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